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Deaf community rallies against Dirty Signs with Kristin

Comment to the Editor:

I don’t mean for political correctness to stifle your journalistic free speech, however, the use of ‘hearing impaired’ in your writing endorses the exact predicament you purport to admonish. 

I love the irony of your single-sentenced transition paragraph, where you state, “That doesn’t make it right,” to which you then effectively proceed to “If-You-Seek-Amy” in my eyes.

There’s a great concept in writing called ‘consistency’. You started out solid with the use of the capitalized ‘D’ in ‘Deaf’, but then you got weak-in-the-knees and performed an awkward falling-lunge towards the finish line. You did what ninety-nine percent of all hearing-people do when writing about the Deaf — that is, you did it wrong.

The words ‘Deaf’ and ‘Hearing-Impaired’ are NOT synonyms, and if you think they are interchangeable then I invite you to further explore using dated, politically incorrect terms in your writing whenever referring to ethnic groups, minorities, etc., I am confident such offensive usage will quickly akin your subscriber base to that of melting ice-caps. “The Ice Age” is a cute movie, but as an adjective to describe the state of your writing career? Not so hot. You probably want to aim more for “Madagascar”.

Here’s my take-away point, the cool down, the debrief: What decision process occurred that emboldened you to toss aside your journalistic due process?

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